Unlock the Power of the Common Controls Hub™

The Common Controls Hub, powered by the Unified Compliance Framework®, enables any organization to scope, define, and maintain regulatory demands online in minutes to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance program.

The Compliance Challenge

Compliance professionals spend significant time and resources researching which mandates they must follow and struggling to keep up with new requirements. And it’s difficult to understand how new mandates are connected with the controls already in place. Consequently, each mandate is often managed separately even though many tasks and regulatory demands are redundant across multiple requirements. The result is missed requirements, wasted time, and accelerated costs.

The Solution

The UCF Common Controls Hub simplifies researching, interpreting, and reconciling new and evolving mandates and gives compliance professionals the ability to centrally scope, define, and maintain regulatory demands online.



  • Click on any Authority Documents (ADs) you need to follow.
  • See the minimum set of Common Controls you need in a harmonized, hierarchical list.
  • Save your list
  • Export Common Control spreadsheets and compliance templates customized to your specific requirements.


  • Click on any Common Control for more research
  • View just the mandates that apply to your organization.
  • Define your Custom Control to meet your geographic and vertical requirements.


  • Click on any new Authority Documents to add them to your list.
  • Compare your existing AD list to new ADs.
  • Invite other team members to join the Common Controls Hub and assist with initiatives.

Create an auditable, harmonized set of Common Controls from any given list of Authority Documents and eliminate redundant controls to reduce GRC requirements to the bare minimum. The harmonization process typically results in a 65% reduction in the controls an organization needs to implement, and a 40-50% reduction in compliance-related costs.

Bottom line, subscribe to the UCF Common Controls Hub and you will have a legally defensible, customized set of compliance controls in minutes—from the actual authority to the controls to the specific configuration/audit requirement—and at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself or using other sources.