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  • Navex Global helps organizations understand and manage their risk - from information governance, compliance obligations, and third parties to health and safety, crisis management, and IT security. We believe business needs a new approach - a holistic, tested, and integrated approach to understand and manage the growing number of risks to any organization’s reputation and bottom line.

    Why We Partner with the UCF® and the CCH®

    In today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment, businesses are subject to numerous confusing and frequently overlapping compliance requirements. By collaborating with the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF), our goal is to ease this burden by giving joint customers a proven framework in a robust risk management solution to demonstrate compliance more efficiently and effectively.

    Adding UCF content to our product Lockpath, empowers organizations and service providers to quickly meet multiple compliance requirements in one extensible and intuitive platform.

    Lockpath’s end-to-end integration of UCF content reduces the total number of controls companies need to implement, while the easy-to-use interface and advanced reporting capabilities streamline the assessment of an organization’s security posture. This unparalleled integration allows users to more efficiently and effectively meet compliance requirements, while reducing costs and speeding time to value.

    The UCF’s advanced architecture exposes the relationship of controls to regulations, compliance documents, metrics, scope, roles, and audit items. The UCF integration benefits include:

    • End-to-end content integration
    • Linkages for Authority Documents, controls, citations, issuers, and more
    • Gap analysis
    • Audit guidelines and record categorization

    Who We Serve

    Each industry addresses risk management in its own unique way. That is why we made Lockpath configurable, so you can run your business your way, and still address industry regulations. We serve customers in North America in a variety of industries, including Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Legal, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Retail, and Technology.
  • The Lockpath Platform

    The Lockpath Platform is an integrated risk management platform that helps companies understand and manage their risk and compliance obligations. Lockpath consumes and correlates disparate data sources, integrates all data points, and provides context to any risk that affects the business. Users can create and configure interactive reports and dashboards to keep stakeholders informed, while Lockpath’s flexibility allows them to scale processes efficiently for a competitive advantage. The Lockpath Platform and UCF Common Controls Hub® (CCH®) Integration With the integration, UCF Authority Documents, controls, citations, and audit questions on shared lists synchronize automatically to the Lockpath Platform. Lockpath helps companies: Address multiple compliance obligations with a single solution and set of controls
    • Tap the power of a platform designed to fully integrate the extensive UCF content library
    • Get a complete picture of compliance via defined linkages to controls, citations, audit items and issuers
    • Generate assessments directly from UCF controls and authority documents
    • Send awareness events to employees and third-parties, and capture attestations to policies and procedures
    • Automatically sync UCF content updates and quickly configure them for the organization’s unique needs.As a result, users of the Lockpath Platform can achieve the following:
    • Reduce the complexity and cost of managing and complying with a multitude of regulations
    • Strengthen compliance programs through employee and third-party engagement
    • Adapt more quickly to new and updated regulations and standards with automatic UCF content updates
    • Increase visibility into compliance gaps across the organization
    • Create more value by creating efficiencies while reducing costs

    Key Features

    The illustration below shows the risk disciplines the Lockpath Platform addresses.


    The Lockpath Platform addresses the three core challenges that permeate all aspects of risk enterprise-wide:

    Compliance and Policy Management

    Lockpath’s unique approach to compliance and policy management helps companies efficiently and effectively comply with multiple regulations while reducing costs associated with compliance activities. The Lockpath Platform allows companies to:

    • Link UCF Authority Documents, controls, citations and audit questions to policies, procedures, assets, risks, incidents, vendors and business continuity plans for increased business context to control effectiveness
    • Create corporate policies and procedures and manage them throughout their lifecycle.
    • Aggregate and normalize compliance requirements from corporate compliance requirements, industry-specific regulatory guidelines, information security and privacy regulations, best practice IT frameworks, and more.
    • Assess controls, gather attestations, and attach data to support the attestation.
    • Perform a controls gap analysis to identify and prioritize remediation efforts.
    • Determine the impact of a control change on the organization before you make it.
    • Receive automatic notifications if an item changes to mitigate risk of non-compliance more quickly.
    • Facilitate regulatory change management through Lockpath’s business process management and workflow capabilities.
    • Document compliance incidents and violations and manage the remediation process from start to finish.
    • Create real-time, executive-ready reports and dashboards to keep stakeholders abreast of compliance status at all times.

    Risk Management

    Lockpath’s comprehensive risk management capabilities allow companies to tell the whole story of their risk program, communicate objectively with reputable information, and justify risk management priorities and budget requests. With Lockpath, companies can:

    • Interconnect and manage multiple risk disciplines in one centralized platform, including audit, business continuity, compliance and policy management, health and safety, IT risk, operational risk and third-party risk.
    • View departmental risks in context of the business to better prioritize remediation efforts.
    • Issue risk assessments to stakeholders and third parties and use conditional questions to gather additional information when needed.
    • Determine and monitor Key Performance Indicators and Key Risk Indicators to mitigate risks before they become issues.
    • Measure the effectiveness of risk-mitigating controls against established risk appetites and benchmarks to better align with business goals.
    • Provide interactive, executive-ready dashboards and reports to keep key stakeholders and the Board of Directors abreast of the company’s risk posture at all times.

    Audit Management

    Lockpath’s audit capabilities support Internal Audit’s efforts as the third line of defense. These capabilities allow internal audit to:

    • Define the audit scope based on authoritative sources in Lockpath
    • Conduct risk assessments to determine areas of audit focus
    • Manage the entire audit lifecycle from start to finish
    • Auto-generate work papers based on regulatory citations and manage them throughout the audit process
    • Gather and manage evidence to support audit findings
    • Issue automatic notifications, reminders and follow-up activities based on a user-defined timeframe
    • Create real-time, interactive reports and dashboards to keep stakeholders abreast of audit status at all times.

    How to Connect CCH to an Existing Lockpath Account

    Using the Lockpath Platform with the integrated CCH is easy. To get started, simply:
    1. Obtain a subscription to the CCH, including API access
    2. Purchase the Lockpath CCH connector
    3. Create an API key for the application in the CCH
    4. Input the API key into Lockpath and activate the sync
  • How to Connect CCH to an Existing Keylight Account

    Using The Keylight Platform with the integrated CCH is easy. To get started, simply:
    1. Obtain a subscription to the CCH, including API access
    2. Purchase the Keylight CCH connector
    3. Create an API key for the application in the CCH
    4. Input the API key into Keylight and activate the sync
    Find out more about the Keylight Platform Unified Compliance Framework Connector or download our Lockpath UCF Connector datasheet.
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      Achieving Compliance Agility with a Harmonized Controls Framework

      LockPath and Unified Compliance join forces to address regulatory uncertainty. Risk and Compliance teams can now achieve compliance agility while complying with multiple regulations.

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