News has launched four new vocabulary items: Unified Compliance Supports

June 16, 2020 | News/Articles has launched four new vocabulary items. We are asking all of those who care about GRC schemas to join in and read about the four new vocabulary structures HERE and then join in the discussion HERE

The discussion will close June 30th.


  • Within GRC, various data structures support a limited to a wide range of character structures. CPE names, for instance, only allow a minimal character set. Dictionary and Glossary structures must substitute special characters for searchable ones. Therefore, the GRCSchema maintains a character table of acceptable characters to be used in the framework. 

Currency, Language, and Country

  • Many GRC tables, including threat and risk tables, depend upon an accurate listing and search capability for three core sets of data: international currency conventions, global language lists, and disambiguated country These vocabulary items are often ignored until someone needs a disambiguated, standardized version of them! is proposing models for all three of these items.