Software & Data Integrations Architect for Unified Compliance, Remote Location (salary from $120,000 a year - Full-time)

November 5, 2022 | News/Articles

Software Architecture: 5 years (Required)
Software Programming: 5 years (Required)
Database Design: 5 years (Required)
REST API Design: 5 years (Required)
Linux: 3 years (Required)
GIT: 5 years (Required)
AWS: 1 year (Preferred)
Functional Programming: 1 year (Preferred)
Docker: 5 years (Preferred)

Full Job Description
Architect, design, develop, and maintain the next generation of web applications and APIs for the Unified Compliance Framework (UCF).

Position Summary
The UCF technology team is looking for a Software and Data Integrations Architect to help define software, data, and integration solutions in order to maintain and expand our patented product offerings. You will be required to design and document software, data, and integration solutions at a high level, perform some development, and you will help oversee the entire technology stack. This is a critical role in the company, and you will have a lot of opportunity to expand your learning and take ownership of complex, industry-leading solutions.

We are dedicated to dramatically simplifying the process of regulatory compliance through robust products and APIs. The successful candidate will have an extensive software development background and a proven history taking the lead role in defining the architecture of complex applications. This position requires strong web solutions design and development experience along with API data integrations experience.

We maintain a flat structure of technically-proficient personnel with an entirely remote workforce. We will supply all the technology necessary to work from home. This position reports directly to the CTO.


  • Help define and document the overall architecture of core product offerings and APIs: including complex functional diagrams, complex data diagrams, flow charts, class diagrams (when necessary), executive whitepapers, etc.
  • Align/recommend the desired technology stacks or software solutions and keep the stack current/up to date.
  • Prototyping software solutions and providing pseudocode for concepts.
  • Ensure a customer-focused and secure approach to delivering exciting technology solutions with an eye towards the health, compliance, and continuous improvement of the solutions.
  • Be an expert in data integration methodologies and road-mapping architectural solutions. You must be able to document solutions before and after implementation.
  • Ability to cross-analyze and harmonize data structures between various data solutions.
  • Work with product owners and development team to build new applications/APIs and improve/maintain existing ones as required
  • Help translate ideas, high-level or specific, into actionable tasks for the development team to complete.
  • Participate in code review to maintain a high standard of quality allowing us to learn and grow as a development team.
  • Develop and maintain a set of coding standards and best practices that drive consistency across the entire development staff
  • Expand existing software to meet the changing needs of our key demographics
  • Help create fault-tolerant programming on highly available architecture (predominately at AWS at this time)
  • Help create scalable, automated solutions for our customer base. Some hands-on development experience with PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc is important.
  • Help manage production releases and improve deployment processes and infrastructure.


  • Eligible to work in the US, pass a background check and no B2B contracts.
  • 7+ years experience developing software and web-based applications.
  • 5+ years experience in architectural design.
  • 5+ years experience designing, developing and integrating complex data APIs.
  • 5+ years experience designing database tables
  • Proficient with Linux server environments and relational databases (mysql, postgres)
  • Experienced and comfortable with fundamental web technologies and full stack development
  • Committed to good programming practices – unit and integration testing, version control, object-oriented design
  • Comfortable with the Agile and Lean development process
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and focus on delivering value into customers hands
  • Focus on data-driven decision making and learning by experimentation
  • Ability to contribute anywhere in the stack and wear multiple hats
  • Self-starter, self-motivated, and willing to work on complex challenges
  • Able to write and speak clearly about complex systems and issues for both technical and layman audiences

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proven passion for complex technology and development!
  • Proven Software Architecture Expert
  • Proven Data Integrations and Database Expert
  • Proven API designer Expert.
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing and AI/ML solutions.
  • Proven deep knowledge of Amazon Web Services offerings
  • Strong ability to debug and troubleshoot software issues
  • Strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming Design and Functional Programming Design. (e.g. LISP, Clojure, etc)


  • Architecture/Design: 5+ years (Required)
  • Software Programming: 5+ years (Required)
  • Relational Databases Design: 5+ years (Required)
  • REST API Development: 5+ years (Required)
  • Linux: 3+ years (Required)
  • GIT (source control): 2+ years (Required)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): 1+ year (Preferred)
  • Functional Programming: 1+ year (Preferred)
  • Docker: 5+ years (Preferred)

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