Introducing the UCF Mapper and (ISC)2 Training


Have you ever wished you and your team could map regulations and standards into the Unified Compliance Framework®?
Wish no more! With the UCF Mapper™, compliance teams will be able to customize their compliance programs to include any publicly available Authority Documents relevant to their organization, but not currently available in the UCF.  The UCF team has mapped hundreds of public standards, regulations, and guidelines and thousands of controls—more than any other research library of Common Controls—but even we can’t do it all. That’s why we’re launching UCF Mapper, the new add-on to the UCF Common Controls Hub.  Mappers will use the same patented processes the UCF team uses to create the most accurate and defensible compliance mappings available anywhere! Join Dorian Cougias, Unified Compliance co-founder and Compliance Scientist, for this 60 minute webinar.