UCF Mapper Training

Compliance Mapping Certificate Program

Compliance Mapping is serious business. It involves understanding sentence structures, grammar, terminological mapping, semantic relationships, and the various rules of term matching set forth by various ISO standards.


Compliance Mapping is the process of matching one Citation’s Mandates to another Citation’s Mandates. An older methodology is matching Citation to Citation in a matrix, with the newer methodology being matching each Citation to a Common Control in a star pattern. You will learn through multimedia presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experience, the process of compliance mapping which consists of cataloging the Authority Document in question, extracting its pertinent Citations and Mandates, tagging the terms in those Mandates, selecting each tagged term’s in-context definition, mapping that tagged Mandate to a Common Control, and then matching the Common Control to corresponding Audit Questions as shown in the flow diagram below.

Course delivery

The goal of this training program is to prepare compliance mappers for the responsibility of mapping multiple Authority Documents correctly and accurately in a way that will satisfy auditors and regulators while simplifying governance for their organization or clients.

There are currently seven modules for this course.


We begin this module by identifying the topics to be discussed in this course. Then we will define compliance and identify the steps to complete before you comply. We will conclude this module by discussing how to use the UCF mapping process to meet corporate compliance requirements.


You will learn how to navigate the UCF Mapper software. It is important for you to fully understand the software before beginning the mapping process. At the completion of this presentation, you will be able to use the UCF Mapper dashboard to analyze data, identify assignments and how to accept or reject them, and navigate Project Pages to catalog Authority Documents and map their Citations.


We will discuss what an Authority Document is, identify the main components of Authority Documents, and teach you the process and techniques surrounding the cataloging of Authority Documents.


We will explore the Citation Extraction phase of the UCF Mapper process, discuss how to copy Citations and Citation References from the Authority Document; define, identify, and enter Citations; Citation References; Mandates and Stubs; and Information Gathering Citations.


We will cover how to tag the nouns and verbs of each Mandate in a Citation. It is only through tagged Mandates that we can link each of the Citations to a Common Control. You will learn how to recognize the importance of machine assisted tagging; diagram sentences to identify nouns, verbs, primary nouns, primary verbs, secondary nouns, and secondary verbs; tag multiple Mandates from a Citation, and select the appropriate definition for a term depending on how it is used in the Mandate.


This is a vast module and one of the most important ones. We will cover what you need to know to add new terms and their definitions to the Compliance Dictionary. You will learn how to assign each term a part of speech; how to add advanced semantic relationships to each new term; how to add term designators; all the intricacies of either finding or creating new definitions for the term; and then adding additional information to each term which is designated as a Named Entity (such as a Record Example, Asset, Group, etc.).


You will learn how to match each tagged Citation’s Mandates to an existing Common Control, or designate that Mandate as having no match and therefore need a new Common Control. You’ll learn about the various processes of harmonization and advanced semantic relationships as well as the various cross walking rules and how they are applied during the matching process. You will then go through the process of matching sample mandates to each other.

Practical application

Each module in the online learning system also has a corresponding practical application project and test within the actual UCF Mapper Software application.


Each organization must have the following UCF Common Controls Hub licenses:

Basic License
UCF Mapper License

Each person who wishes to use the UCF Mapper software and be a Certified Compliance Mapper must purchase the training course for $2,695 in addition to the CCH licenses above.

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