What does the UCF do with the original documents?

The Unified Compliance Framework team is concerned about each Authority Document's intellectual property and how we handle that intellectual property. Here is what we do and don’t do with original materials:

  1. We don’t distribute original content or provide a means for its reassembly.
  2. We do create a library catalog file of document so people can find it.
  3. We do add Citations’ with Mandates in them to our library.
  4. We do tag the primary and secondary verbs and nouns of each Mandate in Citations.
  5. We do link each tagged term to its definition for clarity and mapping purposes.
  6. We do map Mandates to Common Controls for crosswalking purposes.
  7. We do provide transparency reporting for each Mandate that we tag.

This allows the UCF's readers to:

  1. Understand the extracted and tagged mandates clearly because they are segregated in the Citations and their terms’ definitions are provided.
  2. Check the gaps and overlaps between what was written in one Authority Document and what everyone else has written in other Authority Documents.
  3. Use tagged versions of original materials in automated tools such as Audit tools, GRC tools, SCM tools.

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