Professional Compliance Mapping – At Your Service!

Unified Compliance Mappers have mapped hundreds of Authority Documents and thousands of controls into the Unified Compliance Framework®—more than any other research library of Common Controls. And customers can use the UCF Mapper® to map in regulations their organization must comply with and customize their own compliance programs.

But, what if your organization doesn’t have the time or the bandwidth to do compliance mapping? They can relax—we’ll do all the heavy lifting; leverage our skill and our years of experience with Unified Compliance Professional Mapping Services!

We’ll work with your company team to ensure we agree on what is to be mapped and to what controls. We’ll map Authority Documents or your company’s own internal, organizational governance documents into your Common Controls Hub account with your team members or we’ll do the entire mapping project ourselves. They can be as involved as they like—or not at all. We also work with consulting and legal teams in partnership to deliver mappings.

Our Mapping Process

Our Compliance Mappers use our patented processes to create the most accurate and defensible compliance mappings available anywhere. Our mapping process maps mandates to Common Controls. Each mandate is examined and found to either match an existing Common Control, or a new Common Control is created. As a result, matching mandates are found to match the same Common Control. Here’s an example:

  1. The Unified Compliance mapping processes address every complex issue including: The identification and harmonization of primary nouns and verbs that results in the most accurate and usable output for consumption and auditing
  2. Researching, mapping, harmonizing, and then creating a project-based glossary using a cognitive learning, multi-patented approach. These steps flesh out how the Authority Documents are structured and what they really mean in the midst of what they are saying.
  3. Authority Document research validates the exact document to be used and subsequent bibliography
  4. Identification of actionable mandates and informational text by extracting citations and identifying mandates
  5. Identifying primary and secondary nouns and verbs by tagging them in the Authority Document
  6. Matching the UCF nouns and verbs to synonymous nouns and verbs in Authority Documents
  7. Matching mandates to controls

Once a document is mapped in, you may have it made available to just your company or available to Public All (paid and non-paid CCH subscribers), Public Paid (paid CCH subscribers), or Private Paid (named CCH accounts).

Our Mapping Team

There are five primary roles to conduct the mapping process. The majority of the work is completed by these three roles.

Unified Compliance will also supply a Lexicographer and a lawyer to give final approval to term definitions, additions, and modifications to the UCF Common Controls, and final approval of documents for private and public availability.

If you’d like to simplify meeting your compliance obligations and minimize the burden, contact for answers to questions or to engage our Professional Mapping Services!